Episode 87: Thriving Schools with Charle Peck

Darrin PeppardLeaning Into Leadership

Charle Peck joins me for this special mid-week edition of the show. Charle shares with us her expertise as a former classroom teacher and licensed therapist focusing on trauma. In this episode, you’ll learn about 9 tools and skills to support anyone in trauma. That, plus a special #PepTalk and more on the podcast. MORE EPISODES

SEL for Educators: Teachers are People, Too!

Betsy SpringerBlog, Self Care Better, Teach Happier

TL;DR: Prioritizing social-emotional health in the classroom is crucial for teachers and students, with a focus on health over grades. Teachers should take care of their own well-being to effectively support their students, as they cannot give what they haven’t mastered themselves. Poor social-emotional health among teachers negatively affects student outcomes, emphasizing the need for schools to prioritize teacher well-being, … Read More

Interviewing Ken Wallace (@KenWallace207) | Wisdom & Productivity | #TeachBetter #TBPodcaster

Efraín MartinezWisdom and Productivity Podcast

Interviewing Ken Wallace (@KenWallace207) | Wisdom & Productivity | #TeachBetter #TBPodcaster | Full episode: https://youtu.be/ukazcWDBO1M Ken Wallace is the superintendent at Maine Township High School District 207 *W&P: Notes Intro Ken Wallace is 61 years old; grandfather was in WWII; high school coach was influential in how to create #learning; how to create situations where human get to be better. … Read More