Design Cast – Episode #97 – Dianne Blackburn – Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

Jason ReaginDesign Cast Podcast

On this episode of Design Cast, I had the incredible experience of talking to Dianne Blackburn.  Dianne is an independent Educational Consultant working with international schools globally. She has many years of consultancy experience in pedagogical leadership, change management, and educator training solutions.Dianne has worked extensively with large groups of schools in the Middle East and Europe, supporting their development … Read More

Educate Like Ants – Be Relentless

Livia ChanBlog, Connect Better, Differentiate Better, Engage Better, Innovate Better, Lesson Plan Better, Manage Better, Reflect Better

TL;DR: Ants appear to roam anywhere and everywhere outside but when they come inside your home, their purpose becomes more evident. Ants are strong and tenacious. Educators can learn by studying them and being more like them. They know their WHY. Do you? If you haven’t thought about your WHY in a while, it’s time to revisit and rediscover. It … Read More

Summer Series: SEL

Tom SchimmerThe Tom Schimmer Podcast

The 2021 Summer Series continues with a roundtable discussion on Social-Emotional Learning. Joining Tom for this discussion are Tre’ Gammage, Jessica Hannigan, & John Hannigan. Tre’ Gammage is a Dean of Students & SEL Consultant from South Carolina. Tre’ has always had a passion for helping others. With a vast background in speaking, podcasting, and consulting, Tre’ was once told … Read More

Summer Series: UDL

Tom SchimmerThe Tom Schimmer Podcast

The 2021 Summer Series opens with a roundtable discussion on Universal Design for Learning. Joining Tom for this discussion are Fatima Sammy, Jackie Duncan, & Alisha Poling. Fatima Sammy (M.Ed, MPH) is the 8th-grade science teacher and teacher leader at the Putnam Avenue Upper School in Cambridge, MA. Her teaching focuses on instructional practices and routines that enable students to … Read More

Ep. 27: Happiness Booster | Lee Ann Jung | Habits of Learning

Tom SchimmerThe Tom Schimmer Podcast

In Don’t @ Me (2:37), Tom, as a counter to last week, identifies the most efficient and effective happiness booster. Then, Tom is joined by Dr. Lee Ann Jung (14:37) to discuss sound assessment practices within the Universal Design for Learning framework. Finally, in Assessment Corner (1:07:02), Tom describes five guidelines for schools as they separate academic achievement from the … Read More