Better Mindset: On the Edge of a Breakthrough

Jami Fowler-WhiteBlog, Self Care Better, Teach Happier

TL;DR: Education professionals are experiencing stress and trauma due to pandemic-related challenges, leading to feelings of unworthiness and critical hopelessness. To address this, educators should focus on the positive impact they make beyond just numerical achievements, practice self-care, combat negative thoughts, and find support through dialogue with peers. Embracing change, staying connected, and celebrating small successes can lead to renewed … Read More

Episode 87: Thriving Schools with Charle Peck

Darrin PeppardLeaning Into Leadership

Charle Peck joins me for this special mid-week edition of the show. Charle shares with us her expertise as a former classroom teacher and licensed therapist focusing on trauma. In this episode, you’ll learn about 9 tools and skills to support anyone in trauma. That, plus a special #PepTalk and more on the podcast. MORE EPISODES

How Educators Saved Jacob Chastain From A Childhood Filled With Trauma

Kyle HillXhausted Educators Podcast

In Part 1 of this two part series on trauma informed practices, Jacob Chastain, the host of multiple podcasts, author of two books, and assistant principal, shares his amazing story of growing up through extensive challenges. He dives into how educators inspired him and helped him to work through extremely difficult circumstances so that he could persevere and go onto … Read More

#Love Is the Source: The Schools of the New Century

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TL;DR: Nobody signed up to be a modern educator. We have to throw away the concept of measuring students and educators by numbers and instead, support them in healing first. We cannot positively impact a child’s intellect if the child does not believe we care for them. It is our duty to redesign the schools of the new century with … Read More