Color Outside the Lines Blog Series Overview

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Color Outside the Lines Blog Series Overview Everyone has their own teacher leadership style. Discover and own your unique teaching and leadership style early in your career to help you thrive in this challenging profession. Make your mark on your students, throughout your building, and in your community! Posts in the Series Making Your Mark: Becoming a Teacher Leader by … Read More

3 Steps to Becoming a More Effective Teacher Leader

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TL;DR: As a teacher leader, remember to show teachers how much you value their input and care about them as individuals. Initiate reflection and lead your team more effectively by encouraging innovation, leading with empathy, and allowing your core values to shine through. Defining Teacher Leadership As a literacy coach, I thought my position was about demonstrating how much more … Read More

Let Spoken Word Transform Your Poetry Unit!

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Let Spoken Word Transform Your Poetry Unit

Don’t Fear the Poetry Unit. I don’t know about you, but the loudest collective groan to ricochet off the four walls of my classroom occurs the moment I announce the start of our poetry unit. Without fail, students go into panic mode. They offer to do double the homework for a month if we could just read another novel. I … Read More