Happily Exhausted

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In this summer bonus episode, we first reflect on last month’s invitation with a little reflection. Then we consider the things that fill our days that leave us “happily exhausted.”   MORE EPISODES

What Now?

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TL;DR: Over the summer, it is common for educators to want to relax while avoiding wasting time. Inspired by author Ann Patchett, you can ask two questions: “What Now?” and “What Not Now?” to prioritize activities and commitments. Spending time with loved ones, reading, decluttering, and avoiding excessive social media use are good ways to spend your time. Reflect on … Read More

What Are You Feeling?

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TL;DR: Asking someone, “How are you feeling?” can sometimes be overwhelming to answer. Try asking, “What are you feeling?” instead. How are you feeling? When someone asks you, “How are you feeling?” does that sometimes feel complicated or hard? I sure think it does. When things are going really well, sometimes it’s challenging to go past a response more specific … Read More

Must Be Nice

Suzanne DaileyTeach Happier Podcast

In this episode, we are invited to take the popular phrase, “Must be Nice!” and flip it around so we can discern our next right thing. MORE EPISODES

Reflections on Relational Diversity

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TL;DR: Relational diversity refers to the variety of social interactions we have regularly. Interacting with more people from different groups in your life leads to a higher level of relational diversity. Examining and increasing our relational diversity helps us feel better physically, emotionally, and mentally. You can go ahead and file this under “Things I Already Know.” According to positive … Read More