5 Classroom Strategies for Social Emotional Learning Support

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TL;DR: Social emotional learning is already integrated into everyday teaching, helping students develop essential life skills alongside academic knowledge. Teachers can enhance SEL by implementing intentional strategies, such as reflection for self-awareness, authentic assessments for social awareness, choice boards for responsible decision making, checklists for self-management, and promoting collaboration and cooperation for building relationship skills. These practices align with CASEL’s … Read More

Mental Health Awareness: 3 Key Ways to Be There for Students

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TL;DR: Students need to feel visible and cared for. Say “hi” to each student, by name, every day. Educators who do this will create a small, but tangible and meaningful reminder for students that they are visible and cared for. Cheer students on. As educators, we have a wonderful opportunity to show up, demonstrate our interest in them as people, … Read More

SEL for Educators: Teachers are People, Too!

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TL;DR: Prioritizing social-emotional health in the classroom is crucial for teachers and students, with a focus on health over grades. Teachers should take care of their own well-being to effectively support their students, as they cannot give what they haven’t mastered themselves. Poor social-emotional health among teachers negatively affects student outcomes, emphasizing the need for schools to prioritize teacher well-being, … Read More

Supporting Student Mental Health in the Classroom

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TL;DR: Students everywhere are struggling with mental health. Their behaviors are often a result of a specific need. There are tools to help students reflect on what is in their control, identify their need and then ask for it. Supporting Student Mental Health in the Classroom The statistics are sobering.┬áMonth after month and week after week, organizations and agencies are … Read More

Heart of Education: Classroom Families

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TL;DR: Children may have a hard time recognizing their talents and skills. Educators can build students’ conflict resolution toolkit with stress reduction tools and empathy practice. Open each class with an activity that grounds students into the present moment. There’s a reason educators call students their “kids.” If schools are microcosms of society, then the classroom is a representation of … Read More