Reconsider Your Expectations

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TL;DR: Believing in students and setting high expectations for them can help them be successful. Find ways to get your students interested. Make sure the lessons and activities you are teaching are relevant. Know what your end goal is and makes sure it is clear to your students, too. Provide opportunities for your students to reflect on their own work. … Read More

Reevaluate Grief With Joy

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TL;DR: There are days that are going to be overwhelming and full of pain. We have a right and need to feel those days and experience grief. With time, healing begins and you experience joy in your life again.  Although our hearts may still ache, joy is much more powerful than grief. Three letters. J-O-Y. Small word. Tremendous effect. Having … Read More

Redefine Your Rules: Flexibility and Self-Compassion

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TL;DR: Set flexible standards for yourself to increase self-compassion. Celebrate who you are. Focus on your successes throughout each day. Pause and think about your response before acting. Redefine Your Rules On any given day, I could list a few things that bother my inherently natural “I’M A RULE FOLLOWER” instinct. Things like: people standing in line on cell phones … Read More