We’re Gonna Keep On Talking Reflections

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TL;DR: Matthew R. Kay and Jennifer Orr’s book, “We’re Gonna Keep on Talking,” focuses on leading meaningful race conversations in elementary classrooms. This post emphasizes the importance of fostering important mindsets like understanding that race discussions are ongoing and cannot be a one-time conversation. The book also highlights co-creating discussions with students, building their discussion skills, providing effective prompts for … Read More

A Culture of Connection Blog Series

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A Culture of Connection Blog Series As administrators and educators, we have a responsibility to prioritize connections over compliance with staff and students. In March, Teach Better Team’s Admin Mastermind focused discussions around this topic. Check out the blog posts in this series to learn about strategies to maintain a positive culture in your school and emphasize connections over compliance! And … Read More

Upholding School Culture

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TL;DR: Keep school culture strong. Stay consistent with policies for tardies and absences. Consider students who have improved for awards. Administrators can use problem areas as places for making connections. Always start with One Good Thing. The Administrator Mastermind discussed the topic Connection vs. Compliance during the month of March. These discussions take place on Tuesday mornings at 9 AM EST. During … Read More

Connection Over Compliance: Let’s Soar!

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TL;DR: Connections create the foundation of positive relationships. Positive relationships form trust with students and increase success. When difficult situations occur, positive relationships will make a difference. In today’s world, schools are often seen as prioritizing compliance over connections.  Let’s reverse that! Prioritize connection over compliance instead! Compliance is necessary for maintaining order and safety. However, it can create a power … Read More