Breaking Down Why District Initiatives Break Down

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Breaking Down Why District Initiatives Break Down - Chad Ostrowski

In This Post: The sad truth is, most district initiatives fail. There are common mistakes that are typically to blame for district initiatives failing, and they can be avoided. Start small, plan long-term, involve all stakeholders, provide follow-up, and choose the right provider, and you’ll be off to a better start, with your initiative much more likely to succeed. We’ve … Read More

Creating Impactful PD for Teachers

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In This Post: Developing impactful professional development takes careful and purposeful planning. Planning your PD sessions to encourage having fun, meet educators where they are, and start and end on time are key to success. Remember that being a learner can be stressful, don’t over plan, and utilize the expertise and experiences of those attending. Developing impactful professional development can … Read More

62: Improvise, adapt, and overcome – Seamus O’Hara talks about never being satisfied, not being afraid to fail, and how we can be better.

Teach Better TeamPodcast

Listen to episode 62 of the Teach Better Talk Podcast with Seamus O'Hara

 14 year veteran teacher, and host of the EdPop Podcast, Seamus O’Hara, chats with us about his unique podcast format, why he believes we get stuck in being afraid to change, and the power of appreciation. Seamus talks about never being satisfied, not being afraid to fail, and how we can be better. Episode Highlights 0:32 – Shoutout to … Read More

Getting Students to the “Ok Maybe” Zone So They are Ready to Learn

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Getting students to the _okay maybe_ zone

Getting learners to the “Ok Maybe” Zone. The “Ok Maybe” Zone is the moment learners (whether students or adults) become open-minded. In order to reach this zone, you need to learn their story, understand their background knowledge, and paint the picture of success. Painting the picture of success requires 4 steps: Start With the Why, Stay Student Focused, Incorporate Models of Persuasion:  Ethos, … Read More

3 Mistakes Districts Make with Professional Development (PD) – Video

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3 Mistakes Districts Make With Professional Development - Video

How was your last professional development session?  Video Highlights Having worked with hundreds of districts around the country, we have seen some amazing PD sessions, and we’ve seen quite a few that just don’t work. What we’ve found is that most of those that don’t work, don’t work because of three key mistakes that districts make with PD. Districts … Read More