Episode #77: Etienne Langlois

Dana GoodierOut of the Trenches Podcast

Steven “Étienne” Langlois is an award-winning teacher-rockstar and author of the best-selling book “Rock Your Class”. When he’s not performing for millions of fans in packed theaters or teaching back home in Ontario, Canada, he’s busy helping K-12 teachers rock their engagement strategies. Étienne has spent almost 30 years teaching various subject areas and has also taken on leadership roles … Read More

Episode #97: Jethro Jones

Dana GoodierBlog, Out of the Trenches Podcast

Jethro Jones, the 2017 NASSP Digital Principal of the Year, is a former principal and host of the Transformative Principal podcast. He is also the founder of The Center for Cyberethics, independent, non-partisan educational institute dedicated to the study and promotion of cyberethics, and author of the book, SchoolX: How principals can design a transformative school experience for students, teachers, … Read More

Episode #78: April Clark

Dana GoodierOut of the Trenches Podcast

April Clark is a former accountant and high school marketing teacher, now the executive director & co-founder of Reach and Teach, a nonprofit educational program that provides students the opportunity to plan, promote & execute a real concert on their school campus, along with other life-changing programs. Clark is a TEDx speaker, SXSW EDU Mentor, and Shoals Woman of the … Read More

Episode 79: Connie Hamilton

Dana GoodierOut of the Trenches Podcast

Connie Hamilton has served the field of education as a teacher, instructional coach, elementary and secondary principal, and district curriculum director. She is the author of two books including her latest, the best seller, Hacking Questions. Connie is known for hands-on, practical approaches to solving instructional snafus. Educators love how she offers specific strategies that actually work and can be … Read More

Episode #80: Steve Yacovelli

Dana GoodierOut of the Trenches Podcast

Dr. Steve Yacovelli has been in the leadership, learning and development, change management, and diversity and inclusion consulting space pretty much his whole career (about twenty-five years). In his consulting experience he’s seen some leaders completely excel in their effectiveness, and some completely crash and burn due to their lack of competence in leadership skills. Steve’s desire was to help … Read More