Leaders, Here’s How To Support Interdisciplinary Unit Planning

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TL;DR: Interdisciplinary units deepen students’ learning experiences. Have teachers decide what they want to focus on for an interdisciplinary unit. Hold a planning meeting to talk about the unit and co-plan. Plan on meeting throughout the unit with other teachers to see how it’s going and tweak things. Allow teachers to teach what they’re excited about. Celebrate your successes! Interdisciplinary … Read More

The Power of We

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TL;DR: Working together as a team, being a “we” is incredibly powerful. We can find creative ways to problem-solve and inspire our students. Finding ways we can collaborate to create interdisciplinary units can have a profound impact. I’m a middle school teacher, so I’m always a “we.” The team of teachers I’m a “we” with ebbs and flows from five to … Read More

Transdisciplinary Teaching and Learning

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TL;DR: Transdisciplinary units allow students to bring all facets of their learning together. Student agency increases student engagement. Students create in-depth work they are proud of. I work for a school that follows the International Baccalaureate curriculum. This means that we follow a transdisciplinary approach, where learning transcends subjects. The concepts of student voice and choice spearhead the program of … Read More

Simplicity for the Interdisciplinary Unit Win

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TL;DR: Create an interdisciplinary unit by exploring your own community or communities around the world. Tie in social studies, geography, math, art, music, and more in your unit. Using simple technology create videos and presentations. Have students share their projects with the community. If the idea of diving into an interdisciplinary unit (IDU) feels overwhelming, take a breath and just … Read More

Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching: Featuring Katie Miglin

Joshua StamperAspire Podcast

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This week’s guest, Katie Miglin, shares how to create an interdisciplinary learning experience in the classroom, while using the Grid Method to enhance student voice and ownership of the content.  In this episode, we discuss: New Teach Better Course on Interdisciplinary Learning New Opportunities to Provide Student Feedback And the Teach Better 22 Conference!  About Katie Miglin: Katie Miglin was … Read More