Engage Through Your Passions

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TL;DR: Schools should be shifting to represent our students and the present-day world. Find ways to fill schools, classrooms, and students with opportunities to be passionate and creative. Host a school-wide Genius Day where staff can share their passions with students and make connections. Engage Through Your Passions It’s time to move forward.  We need to stop looking back to … Read More

25: Shift This – Joy Kirr chats with us about why she loves her job, and why you shouldn’t grade everything.

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Episode 25 - Teach Better Talk Podcast

 24 year veteran teacher, speaker, and author of “Shift This,” Joy Kirr, chats with us about why she loves her job. Joy digs into what Genius Hour has done for her students, the importance of involving parents in your classroom, and why you need to first find out who you’re speaking to. Joy discusses the power of making connections … Read More