Using Tech to Connect

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TL;DR: It’s so great to be together in person with students. How can we use tech to support in-person learning? Consider using audio journals. Turn research papers into podcasts! Back to School It’s great to be back to school in person. There’s magic in a classroom, an excitement that grows when students and teachers are in the same place at … Read More

One Icon at a Time – Digital Learning Environments

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TL;DR: We need to teach our students icons so that they can better navigate digital learning environments. It doesn’t matter what our students call an icon, but they need to know what its function is. Digital Learning Environments: Why Icons? “My students are digital natives—they just know how to use technology.” I hear these statements often when I work with … Read More

Tech Better Using ISTE’s Standards for Students

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TL;DR: The ISTE student standards help students acquire skills to become a digital age learner. The 7 ISTE Standards for Students are categorized by: empowered learner, digital citizen, knowledge constructor, innovative designers, computational thinker, creative communicator, and global collaborator. Back in October 2021, I wrote about how you could tech better using the ISTE Standards for Educators. But did you … Read More

Tech Better using UDL

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TL;DR: Universal Design for Learning helps educators engage students and accommodate different learning styles, interests, and needs. Technology can be used to enhance students’ experiences in your classroom and reach all learners. Reflect on your practices and see what you can do to provide multiple ways to engage, represent, and provide a means for action and expression for your students. … Read More

Introducing Tech Better

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TL;DR: Educators went from using technology for everything in remote learning to using it less when they returned to face-to-face. As we return back to school, we need to be intentional about how we integrate technology back into our classrooms. Learn 6 ways how to be intentional with the integration of technology. (1) Identify learning targets. (2) Notice where handles … Read More