The Squad Builder Podcast Trailer

Jerod Phillips Sr.The Squad Builder Podcast

Coming soon to wherever you get your podcasts is the new show, The Squad Builder Podcast. The Squad Builder Podcast aims to help school leaders and teacher leaders grow their capacity in building and maintaining effective teams. Dr. Jerod Phillips Sr. provides episodes that are designed to provide short doses of PD around building teams. I will interview leaders across … Read More

Better Leadership: Setting Up Camp

Raymond PortenBlog, Lead Better, Reflect Better

TL;DR: Stepping into a leadership position is more than just completing tasks. Good leaders listen to others. Leaders stay calm and slow down during stressful moments. Good leaders remember they are working with people. Better Leadership: Setting Up Camp I have taken some time off from this blog.  I didn’t want to become redundant or waste readers’ time.  Owen recently … Read More

An IRS Leader

Dave SchmittouBlog, Lead Better

TL;DR: Some educational leaders lead like the IRS—asking for things they don’t really want or need. “IRS” educational leaders do not truly collaborate and already have their minds made up. This jeopardizes their relationships with staff and limits growth. The IRS. Here in America, it is hard to find three letters that stir up more feelings of dissent and displeasure. Now … Read More

Season 5, Episode 1: Interview with Cristobal Saldana

Charles WilliamsThe Counter Narrative Podcast

  In this episode, I chat with Dr. Cristóbal T. Saldaña who serves as an assistant principal at Los Fresnos High School in deep south Texas. This is his twentieth year in education. He is passionate about student success and mentoring budding leaders. He recently launched the Building Leaders Podcast and is the author of One Step Edu, his blog. … Read More