Remote Learning as a Teacher and a Mom: 6 Practical Strategies for Making it Work

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TL;DR: The unique difficulties in this time of remote teaching, as both a teacher and a mom. 6 strategies and suggestions to balance support for your students and your own children. During a normal school year on a normal school day, you juggle the duties of being a teacher and a mom.  You have two lives and two sets of … Read More

3 Ways to Support Students Virtually

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TL;DR: Relationship maintenance with students through a virtual environment. Three tips to support students: a virtual discussion space, a survey check-in, and videos! Teachers are resilient. We make a million decisions a day that revolve around how we can best support our students, while creating the best environment for them to learn. Until one day, our brick and mortar classrooms … Read More

Tech Tools and How to Use Them: Distance Learning Edition

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TL;DR: Distance learning has shifted our focus toward more technology. A curated list of tech tools for recording videos, communicating with stakeholders, and formative assessment. Transitioning from a classroom to distance learning can be quite the change, especially when it feels like it happens overnight. Fortunately, there are many tech tools available to help you make this new transition as … Read More

5 Ways To Support Students and Teachers Virtually

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TL;DR: A rapid shift to virtual learning can be difficult and stressful. 5 tips to support students and teachers virtually. Examples to implement each tip in your role. It’s Going To Be Ok… The transition to virtual learning or working from home can be a challenge for anyone. But learning and progress don’t have to be totally lost. Regardless of … Read More

Resources for Distance Learning

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TL;DR: The benefits of pre-planning and having contingency plans. Kevin’s Top 10 digital resources and websites that he uses with his own students. 5 Bonus resources! Wow, what a week! With the increased spread of the COVID-19 and recommendations from the CDC, many schools are temporarily moving to distance, remote, or digital learning. On Thursday, I found out that my … Read More