Five Social Media Tips for Everyone

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TL:DR: There are 5 social media tips offered. Start by adding value by creating content and contributing, connect to others, and amplify other people’s messages. Build a presence on social media by having new, critical, or interesting thoughts. When you amplify and put kindness and thoughtfulness into the universe, you will be surprised at what may come from it. Be … Read More

Building Relationships with Staff Online

Jennifer AppelBlog, Connect Better

TL;DR: Build relationships with staff by maintaining a consistent connection, having fun, removing obligations, and engaging everyone. Having a game morning meeting, using social media, and having office hours to chat, brainstorm, or ask questions are just some ways to strengthen relationships with colleagues. Thinking of your colleagues as a family can help foster successful relationships. “Education is understanding relationships” … Read More

Let’s Get Social! 4 Steps to Getting Started on Social Media as a Teacher

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4 Steps to Getting Started on Social Media as a Teacher

In This Post: Getting active on social media is another step in building a well rounded network. The first step in getting started on social media is deciding what platform is right for you, and making an account. It’s important to decide how you plan to utilize social media; personally or professionally. Twitter has grown into a great platform for … Read More

How to Become a Connected Educator

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In This Post: Connecting is what has moved humanity forward. Why becoming connected is the best decision you can make as an educator. Becoming a connected educator is not just about connecting on social media. There are many ways to be connected. A Brief History Lesson Whether you realize it or not, you’re lucky to be teaching right now at … Read More