Better Leadership: Setting Up Camp

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TL;DR: Stepping into a leadership position is more than just completing tasks. Good leaders listen to others. Leaders stay calm and slow down during stressful moments. Good leaders remember they are working with people. Better Leadership: Setting Up Camp I have taken some time off from this blog.  I didn’t want to become redundant or waste readers’ time.  Owen recently … Read More

Lead Better: The Swimming Test…Building Confidence

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TL;DR: When you push yourself outside of your comfort zone, you grow in confidence. We can build our people’s confidence in multiple ways. Build a relationship of trust with them. Give them the knowledge and time to practice the skills we want them to try. Acknowledge when they try things. Let our confidence in our people carry them until they … Read More

Lead Better: Honors Night

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TL;DR: Think about your legacy and the legacy of your school. What are you leaving behind? Know what motivates your people. Believe in your people and help them reach their goals. Honors Night In 2013, members of my family created a scholarship in honor of my grandparents. Both my grandparents were fixtures in our local high school. For 22+ years, … Read More

Lead Better: Passions and Saturday Dinners

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TL;DR: Finding passions and interests can make experiences come alive. When you become interested in something, you are much more likely to get creative and show passion for it. In my home, it was cooking with my boys. What can leaders do to translate this same idea to their schools? Make the Drive Part of the Experience In July, I … Read More

Pinewood Derby: Continual Growth and Success

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TL;DR: Watching my son learn and grow over the years in the derby car races is a lot like watching your school grow. Over time, we reflect, make adjustments, and improve. We can celebrate the growth and successes along the way. Last weekend, we raced our Pinewood Derby Cars in our pack Pinewood Derby event.  I say “we” raced because … Read More