Episode #296: Josh Korb

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Josh Korb- RtA author- “Be the Cause: Educator’s Guide to EFFECTive Instruction”– a dynamic and multifaceted educator, passionately strives to revolutionize the world of education. Beginning his career as a math teacher, Josh’s innate drive to innovate led him to become a Director of Technology and Innovation. This role allowed him to merge his love for teaching with his profound experience in instructional technology, in hopes of transforming the educational landscape.

 As an accomplished author, educational consultant, and captivating speaker, Josh shares his insights on the intersection of technology and education, inspiring audiences and unboxing potential. His ability to communicate complex ideas with clarity and conviction has cemented his reputation as a thought leader in his educational community.

 In addition, Josh’s entrepreneurial spirit and software engineering skills gave birth to Master3DU Inc., an EdTech startup with a mission to empower leaders, teachers, and students through mastery-based teaching and learning. This venture has positioned Josh as a pioneer in the edtech space, garnering accolades and inspiration.

 In addition to his many accomplishments, Josh’s dedication to continuous learning is evident in his pursuit of a doctorate degree. As a doctoral candidate, he further explores the transformative power of technology in education and standards-based learning, honing his skills as a trailblazer in the industry.

 Throughout his career, Josh Korb has proven himself to be an unstoppable force for change in education. By empowering others to embrace innovation and harness the power of technology, he continues to ignite the potential of countless leaders, educators, and students.

Trench story: When he became a teacher, he just wanted st’s to understand math, didn’t do anything extra. Had an accident 10 yrs ago, took 10 months to get back to walking & talking, wanted to make a difference after this, someone will look back and see the difference we make and influence we have on their lives. Every t has that opportunity. Small changes can add up to monumental shift for a kid. 

Talk about your book: Be the Cause: Educator’s Guide to EFFECTive Instruction: stems from idea that t’s have a large impact that they may not seeing their lifetime. His mom was a music teacher, she connected w/ st’s on a deep level. He hears from former st’s of hers. Him & dad would skip rocks when he was little, a little pebble can cause a ripple effect. Approach lesson planning, interaction w/ st’s. Book is in 2 parts: EFFECT framework, how do we increase st engagement, foster productivity, etc. Research based best practices. Good for working in PLC’s and grade-level teams on.First part-being the cause, not waiting for the cause to happen. Effect framework-engagement, fostering creativity, collaboration, interpersonal skills, it all adds up to a transformative experience. Second part- putting theory into practice. It’s like a handbook: cause the effect. The why, the how & the right now. Individual lessons you can do that are research-based. Find even a small change that works. (Put link to book in show notes)

Doctoral candidate in Instructional Technology at Walden University  is starting the writing piece. Will take another 1.5 yrs. Has done all the prep work. Focusing on digital badging K-12. Mastery report card-it’s how we assess & determine what child is able to do. Firefox & Mozilla came out w/ digital badging in 2010-like Google Apps, Apple Certification. Standards-based learning pair well w/ digital badging for students. His final product is case students, action research around digital badging, Marzano’s template..

Master3DU Inc., an EdTech startup with a mission to empower leaders, teachers, and students through mastery-based teaching and learning : started at the onset of COVID. What if a student could look at his device to track where they are in their standards? Figured out a way to reach parents w/o putting a grade on things. Why would be used this over traditional grading? Was a customized platform for the district. Even KG could look at and know what standards they were responsible for. Sticks most to K-5 range. Used in 4 different states.

Current title is: Director of Technology and Innovation does PD for the district, now in 2 yrs. Prior to that, was HS math teacher, MS Computer science, instructional coach. Conglomeration of lots of different things.Works w/ assist supt. on curriculum development, leads EdTech PD across the district. His perspective has to shift based on who he is giving PD to. He’s like Grover from Sesame Street- “Near and Far” clip.Looks at long-range district planning.

Is drafting a larger website that’s an extension of the book. Site is live now. Wants to talk about strategies to use AI. His site will be a central hub where ppl can come. Videos/online courses- will coincide w/ launch- mid-late May. Other part of site will be avail when book launches. We work together to achieve the common good. As a team, everyone achieves more. 

out of everything: Idea of Chaos Theory-analogy of butterfly in one part of the world that causes a tsunami, We’re able to inspire a fire inside our kids every day. You may never see the impact of your work. Click To Tweet

Where can ppl find you online: www.youcanbethecause.com is on social @mrjkorb on X IG: @MrJoshKorb he can keynote/lead PD. www.joshkorb.org  View this episode on YouTube: https://youtu.be/QXy1GWNciVI


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