Episode #280: Kyle David

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As a business instructor, bring your whole self to the classroom. You bring your career experience in. Click To TweetKyle H. David is the CEO of KDG, a professional technology services and business advisory firm. He has also been a Part-Time Lecturer at Muhlenberg College for nearly a decade. Kyle considers his day job to be “Chief Education Officer” and believes passionately about removing boundaries between academic and professional education. With credentials from Muhlenberg College, Cornell University, Harvard Business School, Kyle seamlessly blends the worlds of technology, business, entrepreneurship, and education.Kyle is a seasoned technology entrepreneur and innovator. He has taken to teaching and educating with insights and driving innovation through customer experience. He is a teacher at Muhlenberg college. Kyle has certificates in strategic management from Cornell University and Disruptive innovation from Harvard. CEO of prof services org in Penn.

He teaches at Muhlenberg college in his current position but worked in Nepal Insitute of Management less than 1 year. His current job is as chief educational officer. Wants to make sure ppl don’t forget to improve themselves.

Trench story: as an adjunct is like at the bottom of the food chain. Kids entire lives have been in academia. It’s a paradigm shift for them. Often times, kids stumble. It’s about managing the stumbling point gracefully. It’s like learning to play basketball. Worrk w/ kids who were exchange students. Had to start to rebuild trust on 2 levels. Students had confidence breakers. It took him one-on-one listening. Kids were overconfident. Knowledge/intellect isn’t the same as execution and delivery. Build muscle memory w/ st’s. He’s helped develop them as intellectuals. It’s great to receive notes from past st’s. Their confidence is boosted. We allow them to flex their academic muscle.

Talk about being a technology entrepreneur and innovator. He simulates playing the game w/ business st’s. Examines fraud, etc. It’s the story that sucks you in. Likes to use stories w/ “teeth” to them. The game takes a concept that could be dull & puts it into context. Enron is a favorite case study. Many workers went to jail. Academic rigor comes from challenging norms. Seemingly mundane topics in business that have real-life impact. Allow ppl to see things from different dimensions.

Typical student you teach? 4th year students. Only teaches electives. They are a bit more risk tolerant. Want to learn something different than the basics. His reputation’s fun, tough, get a lot out of it. Real-world, practical application. He likes to challenge st’s to be uncomfortable. St’s act out case studies. Walk through practicalities of case studies. He’s been relating a lot to

customer experience-it’s anyone you want to have a positive experience w/. 5 dimensions TOFUU- time, follow-through, understanding emotions, etc. If you follow pattern, you’ll get exceptional results. Helps ppl get out of mindset that interactions need to be for personal gain. We encourage st’s to network with people to get connections. We apply it w/ clients. Students can control a narrative in class that allows them to be wrong.

Example-a phone call from a student he had 6 yrs ago, who’s achieved corporate success. Loves hearing how st’s have moved through world. Give ppl tools they can run with.

Pre-recorded lectures on website: Geared around customer experience/ taking business to post-pandemic economy. Interpersonal relationships. What ratings really mean. Biggest is the one they do on business models. Access for free. www.kyledavidgroup.com

Student advisement-teachers who are listening who have H.S. or 2 yr college business students. When teachers tell students they’re good at something, they see a path to make it happen. It’s about getting ppl excited about business. It’s important to learn about the mechanics of business. Get them excited about studying business. You can be a plumber but need to know business.

Those words mean so much. He talks to students around where their thinking is oriented. Allow them to explore things-he advises seniors.

Out of everything: for part-time formal teachers/adjuncts- bring your whole self to the classroom. You bring your career experience in.

Where can ppl find you? www.kyledavidgroup.com all lectures are listed there. He doesn’t do much social media. View this episode on YouTube: https://youtu.be/ak_ElXmOfgw



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