Episode #208: Tre Gammage

Dana GoodierOut of the Trenches Podcast

Tre Gammage is a Social-Emotional Learning is his passion, he helps educators build social-emotional competence through in-person, virtual, and self-paced professional development. Because to impact students, you have to support teachers.

My greatest strength is helping make it easier for educators to do what they love. Educators who practice SEL report higher levels of well-being, less stress, and improved student social-emotional and academic outcomes.

Was a dean for 2 years until this summer. Now FT consultant Gammage Consulting Group (has run for 7 years).

Trenches story: 2nd stint as fulltime consultant, was previously a dean in a K-12 charter, growing a grade a year.

Consultancy: He is public speaker, residence life coach. 1asset=based community development. Used that for PD. Impact report- put in data.

How do we shift mindsets in some (secondary schools especially) to ensure that they implement SEL more with adults, especially for principals who seem only to be preoccupied with the daily job of keeping the school running? he’s been in multiple situations, can u make an investment like 7 Mindsets, Panorama education. It’s a systematic approach. Do we have an effective onboarding process? Is it part of PLC meetings? Secondary- SEL should start to translate into college &career. Establish a committee. Denise Superville- “Keeping your students motivated all year long”, EdWeek. You’re not too busy to acknowledge one teacher. What gets prioritized gets done. Click To Tweet

Tell me about the Dash Podcast, also on the Teach Better podcast network: started in 2017. Passion, process for making dream a reality. Ep. 72-226 are about interviewing school leaders who are solving community problems. Solo episodes, review articles.

Out of everything? Intention is everything. Wayne Dyer “Power of Intention” Asset based development.

Where can ppl find you online? @tregammage, LinkedIn Visit https://www.seleducators.com/ for more details

View this episode on YouTube: https://youtu.be/0iCfnvSCHf0



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