Make Every Moment Count: Myths and Strategies for Learning

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In this post: A dispelling of some popular educational myths Tips to help students discover and activate their studying abilities Strategies to make every moment of learning count Tips to take directly into your classroom to help students learn more effectively When my 10 pound baby was born, I realized my first born son had gone his whole life (almost … Read More

Differentiate the Learning Not the Assignments

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In This Post: Identify how to differentiate learning experiences versus only modifying assignments. See an example of how to differentiate your lesson instead of the materials or activities. Lighten your workload! Modify your instruction for all students to succeed instead of differentiating materials for each unique learner. Many times, we think of Differentiated Instruction (DI) as a method to make … Read More

Stewards of Their Journey: Promoting Student Engagement & Autonomy

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In This Post Learning targets provide the itinerary and should guarantee access for all  On any journey participants need to know  “where they are going, why they are going there, how they will get there,  and when they will arrive…students need the answers to those same four questions to take part in their educational journey! Technology is the mapping tool … Read More

Teaching Is A Journey, Not A Destination

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In This Post: Teaching is not a destination. It is a journey of growth. Reflect on what your life as a student was like. Change in the classroom won’t happen all  at once. Learning should be student-centered. The Beginning Lately, I have been reflecting on my school experience. As a student, I experienced the rigid rules of Catholic school. The … Read More

Dear Desk, It’s Not You, It’s Me: Promoting Student Agency

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Promoting Student Agency

In This Post: After removing a desk from our learning space, my students reacted with excitement. My realization was that I was too focused on how I saw things, and not on how THEY see them. This lead to 5 pedagogical shifts to promote student agency. In a lonely corner of an elementary classroom stood an oversized wooden desk. Its … Read More