That Perfect Cup of Tea: Feminism for Today’s Generation!

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  • Things to consider when teaching about feminism is an important reflection point.
  • Lesson ideas to inspire inquiry questions.
  • Consider the importance of male support in the feminist movement.

Equity and Inclusion Reflection Questions:

  1. Why has the world continued to function without gender equality?
  2. What discussion points would you be comfortable bringing up in your classroom to consider making a difference for the women’s rights movement?
  3. List things you can do in your community to advocate for girls and female leadership.

It’s the summer holidays. Having the opportunity to reflect is how we as educators evolve our practice and empower the next generation of leaders. I love nothing more than being in a quiet space in Ontario or anywhere in the world for that matter. Current situation: waiting on a passport for 11 months. The wait to travel seems very long for me. However, it’s almost here, I think. Fingers crossed! It is warm outside and quiet. And there is a lot of time to reflect on the feminist movement over the years and generations. Teaching about the importance of equal rights for women is something to consider when you consider the importance of gender parity between male and female influences, leaders, and individuals.

Reflecting Over Some Tea

This summer, consider reflecting on how you will dive a little deeper into teaching about feminism to contribute to the women’s rights movement no matter what gender role you identify with. There is nothing more I like to do than consider evaluating how we can leave a mark in the world we live in to make a positive impact. The second thing I love is the importance of considering the quiet days camping and meeting new families that all have generations of interesting ideas that we can learn from.

I start out each day with my perfect cup of tea; I love it to start out a quiet morning watching what is happening around me in the campground. And I am loving collaborating and blogging. I am inspired by some awesome educators who are making an impact on the world we live in to ensure we collaborate, encourage, and participate together! Mentorship so does matter! This is our moment, teachers!

I am inspired by some awesome educators who are making an impact on the world we live in to ensure we collaborate, encourage, and participate together! Mentorship so does matter! Click To Tweet

Anchor in those feminist ideas by adding the precise amount of cream or milk to your cup of tea.

In my family, we love making tea with double cream or condensed milk. Yes, you read this right. Try it and see how delicious it tastes; it’s so I can keep the consistency the same as when I grew up in Sri Lanka. It makes for the best morning wake up with that perfect cup of tea that is simply delicious!

Girls Hold Up This World is a perfect book to inspire a well-earned timely conversation about feminism in today’s society. It shows the importance of women’s rights by starting out with a simple conversation on respecting gender roles and empowering others to aspire to uphold equal rights for males or females in our generation.

Feminism, defined by the United Nations, states that gender equality is a fundamental human right in our world. It is always important to consider values taught at home. And at school, this is where we as educators come in. Then the importance of policy-making to ensure the individuals who identify as females are valued and given the opportunity to lead and aspire to the new generation of women leaders in countries.

Embrace the flow of situations; add the sugar or sweetener or don’t. Have it plain because it’s just simple and perfect!

Adding males and others into the movement creates a network that rocks. I especially like the “He for She” movement through the United Nations. This is the perfect scenario to ensure that each gender supports the feminist rights movement no matter what religious affiliations or cultural points of view they may hold. Creating safe spaces for females is very important. So is mentorship, aspiring support networks, and embracing challenges that come with gender bias by addressing it head-on!

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Make a difference by loving that perfect cup of tea!

In a classroom, somewhere, wherever you may be, you can teach about the women’s rights movement. We should never undermine the importance of propelling it forward.

Here is one of my favourite lessons with digital media as the hook: “Like a Girl” commercial.

If you like a print source: “Girls Hold Up the World” is a good book to start out with.

Reflection Questions:

  • Ask about the bias present. (Learn)
  • Why are females represented less in roles of authority? (Research)
  • Consider what I can do to make a difference no matter how small it may be. (Apply the knowledge to make a lasting impact on societal values)

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