Build A Positive Culture with “I’ve Got You” Moments

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  • The negative impact on seeking out the shortcomings of others, or having our own failures called out.
  • An effective way to shift your mindset to cultivate a positive, uplifting culture.

Can I talk to you for a minute?

When you a have a chance, please stop in.

Please see me before you leave today.

As you read those sentences, did you instantly feel anxiety? Even when we are solid in what we are doing, requests such as these can send our mind running through our memories to see if there has been a recent misstep that is coming back to haunt us!

Yes, our brain is wired for negativity in order to support our survival. In addition to that though, we have all experienced moments where we were caught off guard by someone pointing out our shortcomings. Maybe we didn’t see it the same way, or maybe we were surprised to hear it from a certain person. But we have a long memory for negative moments.

Let’s make a commitment to turn those “Gotcha” moments into “I’ve got you” moments. Let’s commit to a more positive and uplifting culture.

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Just because it happened to you doesn’t mean you have to continue its progress in our community.

The hurt and confusion that accompany these “Gotcha” moments are real. It can leave us feeling powerless. As if we and our work are not valued. It can be tempting to look for moments where we can be the powerful one judging others and saying, “Gotcha!”

It’s ironic. Even knowing from our own experience how damaging these exchanges can be, it’s strange that we would even think to seek these opportunities. When our overall goal is the success of those around us, we must make a choice to see “I’ve got you” moments instead. Let’s consider why that is so important.

Gotcha says, “I’ve been watching and waiting for you to fail.

I’ve got you says, “I saw you stumble and I want you to know that you’re not alone.

Gotcha delights in feeling superior by pointing out another’s mistakes.

I’ve got you celebrates the strides that we can make together.

Gotcha reminds us that keeping score of shortcomings damages relationships. Despite the tally, no one wins.

I’ve got you reminds us that we need collaboration and a respect for all contributions.

The “Gotcha” mindset causes too much damage to the relationships that are necessary for our work. The next time you encounter a colleague or student in a moment of struggle, choose “I’ve got you!” instead.

By changing this phrase in a small way, we can have a huge impact on those around us and the community we serve.

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Jacqueline is currently the Director of Staff Development at Burgettstown Area School District. We are a “Small town with a Big Heart!” I earned degrees and credentials from Penn State University, Robert Morris University, and Duquesne University. I spent ten years working in social services before transitioning to education. My belief is in servant leadership, and I strive to support our teachers through professional development that offers choice in timing, topic, and delivery as well as opportunities for teacher to teacher training. In order for our teachers to shine, they must be at their best, so I also run Mindful Moments groups and other wellness activities that keep us connected. I believe that our teachers are the most important component in learning, and my role is to offer strategies and support so our students have the very best practitioners working with them.