Improving Individual Behavior Challenges Through Whole-Class Strategies With Matt Cicoria

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In this episode, Behavior Analyst, author, and podcaster, Matt Cicoria, shares some interesting whole-class strategies that can help individual students with behavior challenges. Matt also hits on understanding individual behaviors, shares great resources, and provides some guidance that will be useful for all educators.

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Matt Cicoria is a behavioral and educational consultant in private practice, providing services to school and community settings in New Hampshire and Vermont. Matt earned his B.A. in Psychology at the University of New Hampshire, and then his M.S. in Psychology at Auburn University. After graduate school, Matt went to work in the field of Developmental Disabilities, working in both community and residential settings. In 2002, Matt earned his Board Certified Behavior Analyst certificate, and in 2007, he started an independent consulting practice, Positive Behavioral Outcomes, LLC. Through this company, Matt has consulted with hundreds of students’ teams across northern New England.

As a dissemination project, Matt created The Behavioral Observations Podcast in February of 2016. The podcast publishes long-form interviews with leading behavior analysts where current topics in the field are discussed in a casual format. Since its launch, the show has been downloaded almost 3.8 million times, and has reached audiences in over 100 countries. Matt, along with Dr. Lisa Britton, is the author of Remote Fieldwork Supervision for BCBA© Trainees. He lives in New Hampshire with his wife and three children.
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