How Educators Saved Jacob Chastain From A Childhood Filled With Trauma

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In Part 1 of this two part series on trauma informed practices, Jacob Chastain, the host of multiple podcasts, author of two books, and assistant principal, shares his amazing story of growing up through extensive challenges. He dives into how educators inspired him and helped him to work through extremely difficult circumstances so that he could persevere and go onto … Read More

Leadership Visions and Actions

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RechargED Family Designs – Designs That Help To Spread Positive Vibes, Recharge, and Empower! ——————————————————– Dr. Jerod Phillips is a high energy, positive vibes guy, and in this episode he outlines he leadership visions for his new school. He also shares his unique educational journey and the actions that he plans on taking once getting into this new position. … Read More

Serious Struggles to Stardom: LeDerick Horne’s Amazing Story Of Resilience Through Hidden Disabilities

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You are not going to believe LeDerick Horne’s inspirational story of resilience and perseverance! In this episode LeDerick talks about his challenges of growing up with “hidden disabilities” including dyslexia, and tells how the people who supported him changed his life. ——————————————————– RechargED Family Designs – Designs That Help To Spread Positive Vibes, Recharge, and Empower! ——————————————————— Diagnosed with … Read More

Improving Individual Behavior Challenges Through Whole-Class Strategies With Matt Cicoria

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In this episode, Behavior Analyst, author, and podcaster, Matt Cicoria, shares some interesting whole-class strategies that can help individual students with behavior challenges. Matt also hits on understanding individual behaviors, shares great resources, and provides some guidance that will be useful for all educators. You connect with Matt at This is the link to the podcast episode on the … Read More

Building Up Kids With Praise and Celebrations

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A lack of confidence, self worth, and overall self esteem is an enormous problem for kids world wide. In this dual cast podcast episode, Kyle dives into the importance of pumping kids up with praise, compliments, and celebrating the small wins, in order to build them up. In this episode, you’ll also get a RechargED story that shares an example … Read More