Tech Tools to Love

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In This Post: Four new tech tools to try out in your classroom. Ideas and strategies to use these new tools well. We’re not quite living in The Jetsons time period (2060s), but our technology is getting closer and closer to mimicking the 1960s cartoon. Research has shown that nearly 70 percent of all jobs are in the technology sector. … Read More

Spread Love to Your Colleagues

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In This Post: The dullness that is the month of February. 13 great ideas to spread joy to your colleagues during this dreary time of year. The value of spreading love in your school community. Oh, February February can be a tough time for a lot of people. This is even more true for teachers because, well, students bring all … Read More

Boost Motivation by Bringing in What Students Love

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In This Post: Building intrinsic motivation in our students is incredibly valuable. An introduction to self-determination theory. How to build motivation through students’ loves. Our students, like ourselves, are human beings. And, like us, they have interests, passions, and lives outside of the walls of our classrooms. When we find ways to infuse those outside interests into our content, it … Read More

Self-Love: 4 Quick Ways to Take Better Care of You

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In This Post: Taking small steps is a more effective way to achieve goals. Four ways to build habits that promote self care. As we start the new year, many of us are thinking of our New Year’s resolutions or what big goals we want to accomplish in 2020. But somehow, February comes along. We either feel like we’re already … Read More