New Year Goal Setting with Your Students

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TL;DR: The beginning of the new semester is the perfect time to set goals. Goals could be based on academics or social-emotional areas. Help students hold themselves accountable for their goals. The start of a new year and a new semester is a great time to work with students on revising their yearly goals and looking at areas where they … Read More

Strengthening Students’ Reading and Writing Stamina

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TL;DR: Giving students time to read and write independently is a classroom routine that encourages students to become readers and writers. A book review script that students can use to share video book recommendations with peers is included. When students share their writing with an authentic audience, it empowers them and builds classroom community. Having students set their own reading … Read More

Involving Families in Goal Setting and Reflection

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TL;DR: The value of family involvement in goal setting and reflection. A low-tech method for involving families. A technology-based reflection tool for involvement of families. When it comes to goal setting, it’s important that we make it relevant and authentic for our students. Beyond that, we also have to involve their families. “It takes a village to raise a child.” … Read More

Student Reflection: How to Ensure It’s Done, Done Well, and Done With Grit

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Student Reflection - How to ensure it's done, done well, and done with grit

Research shows daily student reflection and goal setting has positive effects on students. The missing piece of implementing reflection and goal setting in many classrooms is student ownership. Allowing students to choose the medium used, providing open-ended questions, sharing (some) of that reflection with stakeholders, embedding it into routine to make it a habit, reflection checks, and reflection on the … Read More