The Power of a Pen

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TL;DR: A pen teaches students that mistakes are learning opportunities. It gives students time to pause and think before they write. It empowers students by providing them with skills they can use throughout their lives. Every December, I gave a present to my students. Yes, I taught middle school. Yes, I had over 100 students each year. And yes, it … Read More

Science Better: Showing Thanks

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TL;DR: It is important to reflect on who has had a positive impact on your education journey. I want to thank the “giants” who have shaped my views of science and education. Reach out to the people who have helped you become the amazing educator that you are and thank them! Mr. Anthony During the month of November, I tend … Read More

Read To Your Students (No Matter How Old They Are)

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TL;DR: All students benefit from being read to. All content areas can find engaging books to read. Connecting the book to your content makes your subject area AND reading fun! I am a former middle school science teacher. I taught 8th-grade physical science and earth science. Even though I was not an ELA teacher, I read to my students almost … Read More

Learning Through Exploration

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TL;DR: Exploration taps into a student’s natural curiosity. It provides a way to use the content vocabulary authentically. Exploration encourages sharing and further discovery. It’s a great way to intentionally structure your instruction for your students. Beginning of the Year It is the beginning of the school year and students are returning to classrooms full of hope, excitement, and nervousness. … Read More

Summer Reflections: Best Practices

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TL;DR: Relationships you build with your students go beyond the classroom. Research-based best practices are worth the extra effort. It is not enough to know your content, you have to know how to teach it. As I write this blog, it is mid July, and for me, that is the sweet spot during the summer. Enough time has passed to … Read More