Episode 22 | Featuring Craig Randall

Brad HughesGood News Brad News Podcast

Craig Randall‘s experience as a counselor, coach, teacher, and principal set him up perfectly to develop a model of teacher observation focused on building trusting relationships that spark teaching and learning growth. As the author of Trust-Based Observations, Craig is on a mission to change the world of teacher observations to a model of support that fosters risk-taking, innovation, and … Read More

In Defense of the Dog and Pony Show

Martin SilvermanBlog, Lead Better, Reflect Better

TL;DR: Evaluators can use teacher observations as an opportunity for growth. They can explore what is right about their teaching and where their talents lie. Evaluators can take the excellent skills demonstrated in the best foot forward lessons and channel the discussions to help them hit that high bar more often. Let’s use our imperfect system to benefit our teachers … Read More


Jesse FidelioBlog, Engage Better, Manage Better

TL;DR: Using the resources around you when a lesson isn’t going as planned can help you overcome the obstacle. This post shares a story of the importance being able to adapt when a lesson plan doesn’t go your way and the transparency that helped Jesse understand he was in the right place he needed to be. March 1995 My 4th … Read More