Me in a Bag

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TL;DR: A great first week of school activity is “Me in a Bag.” Encourage students to use their creativity when placing items that must fit in the bag. Start by setting the example and have your own bag prepared. Present your items explaining the reason for each. Be flexible with the number of items in the bag and show genuine … Read More

Tips for the Start of an Unusual School Year

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TL;DR: The new school year is usually full of different thoughts and emotions because of the change. It’s like switching teams every year with different learners. This post shares a number of tips for the beginning of the school year. Set up a reflection bench to allow students to talk in the corridors. Set up recharge zones filled with books, … Read More

Oh no, it’s August already?! (video)

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Oh No - It's August - Video

Are you ready for the new school year? Full transcript below video. Video Transcript Holy smokes! I don’t know if you realize, but I cannot believe it’s August. It is ridiculous, this summer has been jam packed for me personally, getting to work with teachers, going to conferences, working on my own classroom, I cannot believe that the year is … Read More