Three Steps to Help Students Build Reading and Writing Lives

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3 Steps to Help Students Build Reading and Writing Lives

Are your students reading and writing just for compliance? In This Post: Too many students read and write simply because the rules say they have to. This should change. We need to transform schools: From students following rules that benefit adults, to students pursuing readerly and writerly lives. We need to create a space for open dialogue with our students. … Read More

Humanizing School: 3 Ways to Make Students Feel Valid and Valued

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We can try to humanize school with help from students. Students provided feedback through student-centered discussions on humanizing schools. Students were more interested in foundational changes than they were in educational technology or systems. The 3 major categories students’ responses fall into are trusting students, valuing their knowledge, and providing meaningful feedback. Recently, in a training with a local non-profit, … Read More