Cue the Celebrations! How to Celebrate in Schools Today!

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TL;DR: Celebrating is like a skill that gets easier with practice. Start by teaching students why and how we celebrate as a class by keeping a list of celebrations to share publicly each day or privately through a weekly personal journal. Celebrate students by sharing messages via email, communication apps like SeeSaw, Post-it notes, or on desks with dry-erase markers. … Read More

Letting Go of Limiting Beliefs

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TL;DR: Limiting beliefs are beliefs we hold about ourselves that are not true, and that can hold us back personally and professionally. When you find a limiting belief is holding you back, ask yourself 3 simple questions and rewrite the answers as truth statements! Are your limiting beliefs limiting your growth? A limiting what? This was my initial reaction the … Read More

When the Growth Mindset Shines Bright

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TL;DR: Unlock the unlimited potential within yourself by modeling a growth mindset for students. Despite any setbacks or challenges, we have a say in where we focus our thoughts and energy. This post shares the story of Michael Jordan and how his growth mindset led him to success. Success never comes without obstacles to overcome. Buried deep within any of … Read More