What If We Had Engaging Meetings?

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TL;DR: It’s important to prioritize our time with staff during meetings to connect, grow, discuss important issues, and allow for collaborative decision-making. Be intentional with how you structure meetings. Flip the staff meeting and share information ahead of time via email, Flipgrid, Smore Newsletters, Padlet, or a Google Document with hyperlinks. Offer an opportunity for teacher voice through the Amplify-Sunset-Create … Read More

Staff Meetings That Empower

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TL;DR: There are numerous ways to conduct staff meetings that excite, engage, and empower your staff to learn and share their expertise to build capacity. Staff meetings should leave teachers feeling empowered. Highlight teachers during staff meetings and amplify their voices. Immerse teachers in an experience to model different ideas for them to try in their own classrooms. As a … Read More

Getting the Most Out of Collaboration Time

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Getting the Most Out of Collaboration Time

In This Post: Time to collaborate with colleagues is limited. We need to take advantage of it. Working together towards a common goal takes flexibility, dedication, vision, a good sense of humor, and a positive mindset. Collaboration time and meetings are not a single event on a single random day. Meetings need to have a plan and protocols. If you … Read More