The Gift of Your Words: Share Your Story

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TL;DR: You have a gift of words to share by telling your stories.  There are five reasons why writing is a passion: dive into deeper thought to better understand yourself, practice self-care, sharing is caring, create new connections or deepen existing relationships, and make an impact by amplifying your voice. See the Writing Strategies & Marketing Your Work course overview … Read More

3 Focuses for Marketing Your School in The ’20s

Jeff GargasBlog, Innovate Better, Lead Better

TL;DR: Why you should be marketing your school. 3 focuses to market your school & realistic tips to get started now. A challenge to start marketing your school to your audience… NOW. Yep. I said it: Marketing your school. Let’s start here: If you think your school doesn’t need to be marketing itself, you’re wrong. Full Stop. For the first … Read More