School Restructuring and Transformation

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TL;DR: It is time to begin conversations about school restructuring and transformation. We need to bring everyone to the table to begin conversations about reinventing what schools should look like.  Teachers and students deserve it. School Restructuring and Transformation You are given the task of reinventing or restructuring what schools look like.  Would the result mirror our schools’ current reality?  … Read More

Students Want Adults Who Care

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TL;DR: Students don’t want adults who dispense information. They want adults who care. Create thought-provoking learning experiences for students and avoid lecture-style teaching. Make learning relevant for students by connecting what they are learning to the real-world. If building relationships with students is difficult for you, start by talking to students about their lives. I sat speechless in a grade-level … Read More

How to Effectively Lead and Manage Change

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TL;DR: School leaders can effectively lead and manage change by communicating why change is necessary. School leaders should involve team members in the change process, and explain and articulate what the change will look like. Leaders put the needs of their people first by providing support and helping them navigate through the process. By not possessing a domineering personality as … Read More

Pandemic Leadership: Leading Through the Eyes of Teachers

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TL:DR: Pandemic leadership is a new experience for all leaders; you likely won’t find tips in your bag of experiences. Necessary pandemic leadership qualities include supporting teachers, being transparent and open with teachers, and understanding that self-care is not a sign of weakness. In your best Sophia Petrillo imitation: “Picture it; March 2020…Everywhere… Along came COVID.” (Feel free to sing … Read More