Six Tips to Write Your First Book

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TL;DR: There are 6 tips to write your first book: go digital, start writing, keep organized, know your why and stick to it, move your mindset, and dangle the carrot. Start writing! Whether you have a story of inspiration and determination or a wealth of knowledge and experience to share, writing a book may be the perfect opportunity for you. … Read More

Redefining Team-Teaching

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TL;DR: In order for students to thrive in meeting their fullest potential, teachers need to create a connection by being consistent, constant, and purposeful. In order to be consistent, teachers need to be available through regular communication. Find a consistent form that works for you and your community like a class blog, Microsoft Teams, email, or other platforms. Students need … Read More

Taking a Gamble on Education: Featuring Kristen Nan

Joshua StamperAspire Podcast

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How important is it to be connected to other educators outside of your building? This week’s guest, Kristen Nan, shares how she almost walked away from teaching and how she took a gamble on education, which led her to an amazing professional learning network. Join us as Kristen provides steps of how she constructed a community of support and the … Read More

Looking Up Instead of Down

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In This Post: What does our learning look like if we are disconnected? What I saw in each of my family members, gave me true reflection as to how I will enter my classroom each day and deliver an opportunity to learn. How would learning look if we disconnected to reconnect? Maybe the simplicity we were lost in while camping … Read More

22: Take the risk – Kristen Nan talks with us about taking chances and igniting the fire inside her students

Teach Better TeamTeach Better Talk Podcast

Listen to episode #22 of Teach Better Talk Podcast

21 year veteran teacher, Kristen Nan, chats with us about taking risks, being willing to fail, and igniting the fire inside our students. Kristen discusses “Mystery Skypes,” and breaks down her L.E.G.I.T. Learning and T.R.U.E. G.R.I.T. We chat about how to be Better than we were yesterday, and why you should empower yourself, humble yourself, and know that learning never … Read More