Redefining Personalization as a Pedagogy for Humanization

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TL;DR: Personalized learning can ensure equitable learning in classrooms. We must reframe personalization not as a pedagogy of individualization, but as a pedagogy for humanization and connectedness. If there’s one thing that’s clear, it’s that the primary purpose of personalization is to ensure equitable learning in our classrooms. We know full well that students come into our classrooms as unique … Read More

Episode #114: Human-Centered Learning with Katherine Prince

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Episode #114: Human-Centered Learning with Katherine Prince

 One of the United States’ foremost educational futurists, Katherine Prince leads KnowledgeWorks’ exploration of the future of learning. As Vice President of Strategic Foresight, she speaks and writes about the trends shaping education over the next decade and helps education stakeholders strategize about how to become active agents of change in pursuing their ideal visions for the future learning … Read More