Kids Do Better When They Are Engaged

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TL;DR: Everyone wants to be engaged. What are some hooks you use in lessons to capture kids’ attention? Use the ATLAS strategy to think about engagement—attention, transition, lesson, activity, and summation. Engagement Engagement! We can’t get away from it. This is only the 3rd post of my new series—Kids Do Better When…and I’m already talking about engagement again. Do you … Read More

Engage Through Your Passions

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TL;DR: Schools should be shifting to represent our students and the present-day world. Find ways to fill schools, classrooms, and students with opportunities to be passionate and creative. Host a school-wide Genius Day where staff can share their passions with students and make connections. Engage Through Your Passions It’s time to move forward.  We need to stop looking back to … Read More

Engage in Reading Madness!

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TL;DR: Tournament brackets are a great way to engage students in school. March is the perfect time to use brackets for a book tournament. Holding a March Madness tournament for books in your school can be highly engaging and involve all of your students and the community. Let’s Get Ready to Rumble…. OK, maybe not rumble exactly….   Let’s Get Ready … Read More

Engage with a Word

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TL;DR: This year, put the resolutions aside and engage with a word. Choose #OneWord to be your driving force. Start by choosing your word for the year, then share it. Don’t forget to interact with your word, too. Encourage your staff or students to engage with a word this year. #OneWord People are always striving for something; something new, something … Read More