Mental Health Awareness: 3 Key Ways to Be There for Students

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TL;DR: Students need to feel visible and cared for. Say “hi” to each student, by name, every day. Educators who do this will create a small, but tangible and meaningful reminder for students that they are visible and cared for. Cheer students on. As educators, we have a wonderful opportunity to show up, demonstrate our interest in them as people, … Read More

Difficult Conversations with Students and Parents: New Strategies for a New Year

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TL;DR: Difficult conversations with students or parents are here to stay. We can improve the outcome of these conversations with strategies designed to minimize emotional responses. Consider using the word “you” with care and purpose when discussing negative or critical topics. Use intentional verb choice to affect the tone of your messages or conversations. Focus on the goal or outcome, … Read More

De-escalation Strategies During a Tough Conversation

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TL;DR: There are a number of de-escalation strategies one can use to diffuse any tough conversation: (1) Move to a private area. (2) Be empathetic and non-judgmental. (3) Keep your tone and body language neutral. (4) Provide choices. The Teach Better Academy course, Addressing Tough Topics in Schools, shares communication strategies for challenging topics in your school community. As an … Read More

3 Myths that Keep Us From Talking About Racial and Gender Justice in Schools 

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TL;DR: Consider the 3 myths that keep us from talking about racial and gender justice in schools. It is important for all students to discuss racial and gender justice by acknowledging the impact and by taking action. There are opportunities to talk about racial and gender justice in younger grades and in various subject areas beyond Social Studies and Ethnic … Read More

Show 84: Facilitating Effective and Valuable Student Discussions

Ken EhrmannpowerED Up Podcast

We had the pleasure of speaking with the 2022 Tennessee Teacher of the Year Morgan Rankin. She offers honest insight and reflects on her own upcoming transition from third grade to second grade. She creates an atmosphere where students feel empowered and encouraged to participate in valuable and effective conversations.  Her strategies for encouraging student voice are easy to follow … Read More