10 Steps for Teaching & Leadership Transformation

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TL;DR: 10 steps to cultivate a growth mindset in 2024. Reflect, set goals, embrace challenges, build a supportive community. Foster continuous learning, self-compassion, and celebrate progress. Hey Teach Better Tribe! Rae Hughart here, and let me tell you, I am pumped for the possibilities that the new year brings! As we dive into 2024, let’s set the stage for success … Read More

The Power of Finding an Online Community of Teachers

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TL;DR: The internet has brought people worldwide together, enabling the creation of online communities based on shared interests, values, and experiences. Joining these digital communities can provide a sense of belonging, support during tough times, and opportunities for personal growth through shared knowledge and accountability. Online communities offer not only personal benefits but also opportunities for networking and professional development, … Read More

Bringing Parents And Community Members Into Our Schools To Help with Nicole Hill

Kyle HillXhausted Educators Podcast

Our schools need help. Tackling academic concerns, behavior support, social-emotional challenges, and mental health is too much to handle at just the school level. This is why bringing in parents and community members into the school is essential. In this episode, Nicole Hill (yep – Kyle’s amazing wife) shares her ideas of how everyone can work together for the benefit … Read More

Supporting Students And Staff Who Have Experienced Trauma

Kyle HillXhausted Educators Podcast

In this 2nd part of Jacob Chastain’s interview, he dives into how he works to support students and staff who have experienced trauma in their lives. Connect with Jacob @heychastain on Instagram, @jacobchastain on Twitter Check out Jacob’s podcasts here: Teach Me, Teacher – https://open.spotify.com/show/4ItuFIErNUv7jpNVeeWMAX?si=55bb5da80d164b94 Craft & Draft – https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/craft-draft/id1530648792 Be sure to check out Jacob’s new book ‘Writefully Empowered … Read More