Pack Those Bags! Explore Teaching Internationally

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TL;DR: Top considerations for teaching internationally include making accommodations, networking, collaborating, building your portfolio, and more. Give back to the world in a way that you never did before or never thought of doing before. I never considered applying to teach at an International School…up until now. If you are considering International Education, here are your top considerations to reflect … Read More

Equity & Inclusion: Diving Deep Into Understanding Classism

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TL;DR: Create opportunities to “level the playing field” for your students. Address classism; it benefits everyone by us doing so. Educators hold the key to making a difference when it comes to addressing classism. Deep Diving Into Understanding Classism: Equity & Inclusion Out of all the blogs I have ever yet written, this topic holds the closest spot to my … Read More

Implicit Bias

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TL;DR: Implicit bias is when people hold ideas about groups of people without consciously realizing it. Directly teach students about bias so that they can identify it and stop it when they see it. “Equity and Inclusion Just Got Better” Blog Reflection Questions: Why is it important to consider implicit bias? How do you plan on addressing implicit bias when … Read More

Bias Starts Early—Talk to Your Kids with Julie Kratz

Lindsay LyonsTime for Teachership Podcast

Introducing today’s guest Julie Kratz! Julie is a Certified Master Coach, a certified unconscious bias trainer, a highly-acclaimed TEDx speaker and an inclusive leadership trainer who led teams and produced results in corporate America. Have you frequently wondered why bias is a prevalent issue in our world? One thing is for sure, it starts at a young age. Our students … Read More

Bias and Buzzwords

Hedreich NicholsSmall Bites Podcast

Is Bias a real thing or do people just like to throw around terms like White fragility and racist? The isms and the phobes are inflammatory. Do you like to be called names? Most of us don’t. Still, does offense at one negate the other? Listen, learn and share. From the blogpost: What did the words you said or wrote do … Read More