Defining Moments, Mindset, and Moving Forward

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TL;DR: We are living in a defining moment that will forever change the face of education as we know it. In moments like this, mindset is what matters most. Move through the change continuum more efficiently by attending to your emotions, setting goals, providing support, focusing on self-care, and trusting the plan. Over the past month, countless educators have begun … Read More

When You Are at a Crossroad, Mindset Matters

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TL;DR: As we continue to adjust to the ever-changing world, it is important for us to work towards achieving synchronization and focus on intentionality. In your pursuit of achieving harmony and flow, use petite purpose, prioritize your time, and routinely give grace. As I sit on this rainy afternoon trying to decide what to write about for this month’s Better … Read More

An Optimistic Outlook on Your Classroom

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TL;DR: The tenets of an optimistic outlook on your classroom include having a positive climate and culture. Reflect on the level of morale, productivity, and student satisfaction in your classroom. Develop actions to optimistically impact students’ views on teaching and learning in your classroom. Climate and culture are often referred to as the “feel” of the school. Essentially, this feel … Read More

Are you Using Unproductive Listening Patterns?

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TL;DR: Unproductive listening patterns include syndicate, memoir eavesdropping, and solution listening. A syndicate occurs when a person attempts to listen and work on a task that is different in nature from the conversation that is taking place. Memoir eavesdropping involves paying attention with the purpose of finding similarities within your own life, so you can interrupt the person and share … Read More

Have You Fallen Into the Negativity Trap?

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TL;DR: The brain responds differently to negative stimuli than it does to positive stimuli. Consider the times you have weighed the pros and cons of a situation, only to focus more heavily on the cons. When you are at home, focus on the positive, reframe your inside voice, and flip your point of view. At school, watch your response to … Read More