Shifting To Satisfaction

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TL;DR: There are two versions of ourselves: our summer selves and our school year selves. We can quickly feel unbalanced when we return to school. There is no such thing as work/life balance because it’s not attainable. Instead, it’s work/life satisfaction. Work/Life Satisfaction Welp. Here we are. Some of us are already in the full swing of teaching, and some of us … Read More

Ditch the Guilt: Strategies to Make Time For Yourself

Michelle BlanchetBlog, Manage Better, Self Care Better, Teach Happier

TL;DR: Productivity guilt refers to feeling bad about not getting things done. It’s not easy to turn it all off and put yourself first. Strategies to make time for yourself include taking your own advice, playing your own game, getting real, remembering why you’re behind, and taking it slow. The Reality: It’s Not Easy To ‘Switch Off’ You see a … Read More

Living the BLENDED Lifestyle

Lindsay TitusBlog, Teach Happier

TL;DR: Make the shift from balancing your life to blending your life. The blended lifestyle is the mindset of recognizing that no matter what you are doing, it’s who you are that matters most. When I made the shift from trying to balance my life to blending my life, I went from surviving to thriving almost instantaneously. You’ve probably heard … Read More

Finding Fulfillment through Education

Laura LisienBlog, Connect Better

TL;DR: This post shares a variety of ways we can find fulfillment through education. Education prepares you for life and provides the foundation for competing in today’s competitive job environment. Educators have the power to influence the lives of many students. Learners are only as good as their teachers. Make sure to balance education with your values. Finding Fulfillment through … Read More

The Time is NOW to Advance Teacher-Leadership

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TL;DR: Advance teacher-leadership by transforming yourself, mentoring, identifying needs, clearing obstacles and distractions, and focusing on self-care. NOW is the time for mentors and school leaders to challenge self-doubt, soothe despair, and invest in our teacher-leaders. The COVID-19 crisis has proven that extraordinary change can happen in a short period of time. Nearly every aspect of educational practice—planning, teaching and … Read More