Engagement and Equitability with Easy-to-Use Canvas Quizzes (VIDEO)

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TL;DR: Canvas has an auto-grading feature to use for quizzes. These quizzes can be used at the end of lectures and encourage students to take good notes. If you offer enough quizzes, this can improve equity by allowing students to fail or miss quizzes and still be successful in class. The quiz auto-grading feature of Canvas can be used to … Read More

Grades, Feedback, and Assessments

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TL;DR: The focus in school is frequently on the grades received rather than the skills obtained. Feedback and the improvement of skills should be valued more. We all need to work together to create this change. In 2015, I attended the “What Great Educators Do Differently” conference with my colleague in education and best friend. I attended a session by … Read More

Association isn’t Causation | Ken O’Connor | Teach to the Test

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In Don’t @ Me (3:34), Tom discusses a few highlights from the book, “Calling Bullshit” and how they remind him of some important principles in education. Then, Tom is joined by Ken O’Connor (16:00) to discuss his journey from Melbourne to Toronto, to talk assessment & grading (of course), and to learn about his illustrious Field Hockey umpiring career!. Finally, … Read More

Approaching Learning From a Positive and Proactive Approach

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Video Highlights: Katelyn Giordano discusses how to approach and implement a “gradeless” or standards-based classroom and the transformational impact it can have on your students. [scroll down to keep reading] About Katelynn Giordano Katelynn Giordano is a Middle Level Language Arts Educator in Illinois and the Director of Curriculum & Instruction for the Teach Better Team. She is a dynamic … Read More