Changing the Way We View Assessment: Featuring Natalie Vardabasso

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Natalie Vadabaso, Joshua Stamper, EduCrush, Aspire to Lead, Teach Better

How will we prepare young people to thrive in this uncertain future? This week’s guest, Natalie Vardabasso, shares how educators can use assessment, equity practices and social emotional strategies to enhance student experiences, innovation, and creativity.  In this episode, we also discuss: Equity work beyond books The relationship between Standards Based Grading and SEL practices And her podcast, #EduCrush! About … Read More

Lead From Where You Are: Featuring Dr. Joe Sanfelippo

Joshua StamperAspire Podcast

Joe Sanfelippo, Joshua Stamper, Lead From Where You Are, Aspire to Lead, Aspire: The Leadership Development Podcast, Teach Better

School communities are full of people who have both the ability and desire to lead. Some lead without knowing it. Most lead without the recognition they deserve. Whether you lead in a classroom, department, building, or district, chances are you know how challenging it can be to identify and develop other strong leaders, and to grow the leadership capacity of … Read More

One Tic at a Time: Featuring Britney Wolf

Joshua StamperAspire Podcast

Joshua Stamper, Britney Wolf, One tic at a Time, Aspire to Lead, Aspire: The Leadership Development Podcast, Teach Better

This week’s guest, Britney Wolf, shares her experience with Tourette Syndrome and how she is helping break the stigma of the disorder, providing awareness to educators, and motivating others to provide validation to those who have the disorder.  In this episode, we also discuss: Strategies for teachers to use in the classroom The difference between complex and simple tics And … Read More

The Gifts We Give: Featuring Livia Chan

Joshua StamperAspire Podcast

Livia Chan, Joshua Stamper, Aspire to Lead, Teach Better, Aspire: The Leadership Development Podcast

Do you see every interaction with students, staff, and parents as a gift?  This week’s guest, Livia Chan, shares how every interaction is an opportunity to uplift, inspire, encourage, and support others.  In this episode, we also discuss: Belief in Other People Maximizing Opportunities to Inspire Learning  And “Impact: The Power of Connected Leadership”  About Livia Chan: Livia Chan is … Read More

The Foundation of Restorative Practices: Featuring Dr. Neil Gupta (Aspire Podcast)

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Neil Gupta, Joshua Stamper, Aspire: The Leadership Development Podcast, #Aspirelead

Most often, when restorative practices are discussed, it is described as a reactive measure to help students fix the harm that was caused. This week’s guest, Dr. Neil Gupta, shares how the most important steps in restorative practices are proactive practices to create a foundation of love and care.  In this episode, we also discuss: Creating Healthy Collaborative teams Mental … Read More