Summer Conversation Series 01 – Travis Ratts and Jillian DuBois

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The PRC Summer Conversation Series starts jamming along on this episode. One of the cool things about summer and punk rock is all the big shows and festivals. A ton of bands getting together and put on one giant show! We decided to try and do the same thing with our Summer Conversation Series. We wanted to bring as many people on as possible to answer our summer conversation series question.

“If you could change one thing about education, what would it be?”

On this first guest episode, we ask the question to two educators. Travis Ratts is a ELA and Drama teacher who teaches on a military base in Japan and the other is Jillian DuBois, an elementary teacher from Florida. They both tackle this question in different ways but both want to see changes that make education better for everyone involved.

So get your wristband on and get ready for the PRC Summer Conversation Series!

Intro/Outro music – “Dni” by Man or Astro-Man?
Transition Song – “Anesthesia” by Bad Religion

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