Episode #275: Dr. Katie Ritter

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Dr. Katie Ritter is the Chief Learning Officer at Forward Edge in Cincinnati, Ohio. Prior to becoming the CLO she served as the Director for Curriculum & Technology Integration at Forward Edge, working closely with district leaders to help them identify needs of their staff, plan PD and implement the PD. Katie oversees the team of 15+ instructional technology coaches, is responsible for growth and development of the department, and also is the creator and oversees Edge•U Badges. She served on the leadership team for the EdTech Coaches Network of ISTE from 2015-2020, was a Future Ready Schools Instructional Coaches Thought Leader from 2017-2020, is a cohost of the Restart Recharge Podcast for instructional coaches, and is a Google Certified Innovator, Coach, and Trainer.

Very relevant blog posts. Bulk of her work is a tech coach or overseeing team of instru. tech coaches now 11th year. She serves a lot of school districts as instr. tech coach. Has been on ISTE coaching leadership teams, also Future Ready. Part of what her EdD research was supporting growth & development of coaches. Created badges for teachers who take PD courses. 

Trenches story: every day, unique challenges w/ edtech coaches. Post-covid, not using too much tech. she saw niche in clarifying edtech coach role. GB Shaw quote. Developed coaching program based on data. There’s data everywhere, be intentional in collecting it.

She can talk about her leadership roles-how to go about achieving lead

ership opportunities beyond the school;. Reach out. she used twitter chats. She doesn’t talk about tech coaching specifically. she pushes her team towards systemic coaching, how schools can work w/ it to maximize powerhouses for change. Lots of opportunities to show initiative-ask to host teachers, observe others. lead PD sessions. Outside- your innovative ideas may not work @ school. Cert. programs. 

Talk Tech with me blog, still ongoing? Started over 10 yrs ago.  Resources to plan/implement PD. Her ed.d was in supporting instr. coaches. No time to write in past couple yrs. 

It is only in schools- infrastructure support, IT, support.  she just doesn’t update it too often. 

Her team serves as tech coaches themselves.  PD badges- Forward Edge does it. Earn f.ex. ISTE cert. 

Restart recharged podcast, what does it focus on, to provide info to all instructional coaches, started during covid. Published biweekly on Tues

days Aug-June? Planning, leading PD, working w/ admin. season 3 opener w/ Jimmy Casas. 

Will be at FATC, VISTE, Virginia Tech.(Dec), McCall, Oetc in Feb. Doesn’t necessarily speak @ conf anymore.

They put on a coaches camp, helps instr. coaches w/ their role. Put on in Oct 9-11th & next summer. Virtual/ live event: they don’t get training & supports. it’s called coaches camp. Top-bottom what ppl need to know as a coach.first 15 yrs of FE was local, now more national. ISTE seal of alignment. 

Out of everything: be a good teacher; quote from Melissa Mayer-”If it doesn’t scare you just a bit, you’re not pushing yourself Click To Tweet”.

Where can ppl find you? kritter@forward-edge.net  Curriculum & Integration Services – Forward Edge (forward-edge.net) @KatieMRitter twitter go to Katie Ritter, Ed.D. | Twitter, Instagram | Linktree for other handles.

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