Design Cast – Episode #95 – Dr. Barbara Wrightson – Are UX/LX the Future of Education?

Jason ReaginDesign Cast Podcast

On this episode of Design Cast, I had the pleasure of chatting with my longtime friend and colleague Dr. Barbara Wrightson.  Spanning more than 25 years in the field of education, Barb’s career has encompassed a myriad of roles in PK-12 schooling, ranging from a teacher (of multiple Secondary subjects) to Curriculum Coordinator to Administrator. Additionally, she teaches and trains teachers at the tertiary level. Throughout her time in the field of education, Barb has gained a wealth of knowledge, experience, and education about education, and has developed a talent for engaging in lifelong learning.

Currently, Barb is a lecturer at Pacific Islands University in Guam and Handong Global University in South Korea.  We talk about several topics, but our time discussing our thoughts about the future of education is fascinating and shouldn’t be missed. I have no doubt that our chat will leave you wanting to hear more!

Connect with Barb through LinkedIn and Twitter at:

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