Design Cast – Episode #62 – Tom Woelper & Matt Kressy – New England Innovation Academy

Jason ReaginDesign Cast Podcast

On this episode of Design Cast, I had the unique privilege of speaking to Tom Woelper and Matt Kressy.

Tom is the Founding Head of School at the New England Innovation Academy.  He has had a very distinguished career in education and hearing about his journey to where he is today is remarkable!  Matt is Innovation Advisor & Trustee at New England Innovation Academy in addition to being the Founding Director at the MIT Integrated Design & Management Masters Program.  Again, his journey is a joy to listen to.  These two gentlemen are both involved in getting NEIA up and running and creating a vision of education for the future.  I am confident that you will enjoy this discussion!

For more information about Tom and Matt or the New England Innovation Academy, please visit their website that is linked in the show notes.

Not sit back, relax and enjoy this chat with Tom and Matt!


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