Key Elements of Mentoring a Future Teacher

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Key Elements of Mentoring a Future Teacher

Mentoring a future teacher or newbie to the field can be a full time job.

As a cooperating teacher, administration, or team member juggles personal and professional tasks, a new teacher often adds time to an already busy schedule. This creates a potentially stressful, and ineffective mentor/mentee relationship. If you’ve taken on the crucially important role of mentoring a future teacher, I’m sure you’re goal is to provide that new educator with as much value as possible, so she can take it all in, create her own style, and go on to impact students.

Unfortunately, this can be easier said than done. So how can we make mentoring manageable?

Check out this quick guide on the Key Elements of Mentoring, which includes a Weekly Reflection Template and sample Reflection Questions. Just click the image below to download the pdf!

Remember, your impact on a new teacher can shape the lives of future students for decades. Fill your mentoring time with purpose.



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